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How Arch Advantage can revolutionize your practice

True Partnership

At Arch Advantage, we set up fast, easy payment arrangements between you and your patients.  We give you the guidelines and advice, but the decision to enter into a payment agreement with your patient is solely yours. Then, our repayment coaching helps manage the patient billing and collections process. It’s that easy.

Working Together

We don’t profit if you don’t profit. When you partner with us, our success depends on your success. We do not collect our fee up front. We collect it over the time period that the payments are collected. So it’s not only our pleasure to set you up with dependable payment plans, it’s in our best interest, too. That is why we leverage our training, coaching, and communication skills to provide an unbeatable experience.

Smart Engine

Using our patent pending “Smart Engine,” we review unique combinations of data points to assess your patient’s “payment worthiness” versus just simply their “credit worthiness.” Then, we recommend (or don’t recommend) them to you for approval. Our “Smart Engine” is second to none with over twelve years of experience proving it.

Inspiring Loyalty

You’re the decision-maker for your own practice – not a bank, insurance company or middleman. You agree to treat a patient under the condition that you receive payment over time. Start collecting more monthly revenue at minimal risk. We help you develop a strategy that grows your practice by bringing more patients in and collecting more of what you bill.

A New Way of Patient Financing

ARCH Advantage fills the gap left by traditional methods


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Our 360° Partnership

Arch Advantage has a 360° partnership approach that enables you to seamlessly grow your practice with minimal risk, while maximizing receivables and increasing customer loyalty. With this frictionless approach you’ll be able to provide past, current, and future patients with the same great care, but better payment options that work for you and your patients.

We have developed a unique risk assessment, underwriting, and recommendation tool that will help you make sound financial decisions and help you retain more patients. We call it the Arch Engine. The Arch Engine is a real-time, 169-rule, decision engine for determining a patient’s payment worthiness that gives more flexibility to your businesses and helps you generate a consistent revenue stream while expanding your customer base.

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Dental Presentation
This presentation is specifically designed to demonstrate how The Arch Advantage can address the needs of the Dental industry.


Dental Fact Sheet
This fact sheet lists the 10 things you need to know about Arch Advantage.
Veterinary Presentation
This presentation is specifically designed to address how The Arch Advantage can address the needs of the Veterinary industry.


Veterinary Fact Sheet
This fact sheet lists the 10 things you need to know about Arch Advantage.

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Your Way Forward

At Arch Advantage, our simple approach to helping doctors and patients establish payment arrangements is creating a better world. It’s a world where everyone has one less thing to worry about. It’s a world where doctors deliver the best care to more diverse markets, and get paid for their great work. It’s a world where more patients receive much-needed medical care and are given manageable payment options.

We see this world because we’re already creating it.

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